In Conversation with Patrisse Cullors

In Conversation with Patrisse Cullors

Join Mother Jones in conversation with Patrisse Cullors

Thursday, March 3, 2022

12:00 -1:00pm PT

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to expand politically and evolve culturally, so too does Patrisse Cullors, the author, artist, and educator who co-founded the movement’s global network 10 years ago. Since leaving the organization, Cullors has stayed focused on another title she’s embraced in hopes that others will as well: abolitionist. In her new book, An Abolitionist’s Handbook, Cullors offers 12 steps for practicing abolition of unjust systems in day-to-day life.

Join Cullors and Mother Jones deputy editor James West as they discuss the evolution of the racial justice movement, a reimagining of what reparations might look like, and Cullors’ boldly innovative and humanistic approach to how to be a modern-day abolitionist.